Our overall verdict "gold"

Zen Studios are known for bringing the best Pinball to the table using realistic physics and superb graphical content and here they have certainly upped the style. Now Playstation 4 gamers can sit back and marvel at the beauty on display as Zen Studios bring their awesome rounded collection of 20 tables to the PS4, including Star Wars, Marvel Pinball and a heap of other comic book capers all running in 1080p at 60fps.


Zen present their batch of stunning tables with ease and pure class, even right down to the infectious menu music. On offer here are table packs to purchase and the odd individual table. If you have already purchased any of these for your Playstation 3 or PS Vita then it’s a simple case of exporting these tables onto your PS4. Once you have downloaded the free Zen Pinball 2 onto your PS4 you’re ready to go. You can also even enjoy the fantasy themed Sorcerer’s Lair table which is totally free. There are also demos available so you can touch and play before making the full purchase. It’s only the smallest of tastes though, not enough to launch your wizardry skills onto – the score limiter kicks in and ends the fun. But it is good to know Zen look after you either way.


The detail and presention on each DLC package all make for a huge wow factor on every table. Flickering candle lit flames, burning fires and the incredible animation of Superhero legends all create a spectacular backdrop to a truly addictive Pinball experience. The silver ball comes complete with a shadow, it’s so life like you can almost feel the weight of the cold stainless steel. Each table brings a totally new challenge and theme to the gaming table. Hitting specific targets, increasing multiplies and cleverly flipping the ball up ramps open different objectives. Because the tables are so divers you really want to play the lot. Marvel, Planets vs. Zombies, Paranormal, Earth Defense, Epic Quest, Paranomal, and Doctor Strange – it’s a Pinball feast.

Zen Studios have captured the spirit of George Lucas yet again and given the PS4 a set of stunning looking tables that reek of true Star Wars style. These Star Wars packs truly look epic. Racking up enough points triggers cut scenes where you’re thrown into battles, flying a different craft across the universe. Chasing cat and dog style in your favourite craft brings a different dynamic to the table. As well as electric visuals an excellent audio provides even more fun to further loose yourself in. Table packs cost £8.49/$9.99 and individual tables £2.15/$2.99.



Zen have been quickly unleashing their magical array of marvelous tables onto the Playstation 4, and with illuminations brighter than the Vegas Strip the coolest collection of tables awaits you. All we need now is the KISS Pinball table and it’s a straight 10 from me.


Lizard Rating: 9/10