Rice Digital announce that Funbox Media, and Arc System Works’ BlazBlue Visual Novel spin-off, XBLAZE: CODE EMBRYO, will be receiving a Limited Edition in Europe – exclusive to Rice Digital. The Limited Edition will be available on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita formats, releasing the same day as the Standard Edition, 28th August 2015.

Rice Digital will be exclusively stocking the Limited Edition which includes;

•Limited Edition XBLAZE: CODE EMBRYO on PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita containing:

•The XBLAZE: CODE EMBRYO physical game;

•Eight exclusive art card prints;

•Contained within special slipcase packaging exclusive to the Limited Edition

XBLAZE: CODE EMBRYO has been much anticipated in Europe, being a Visual Novel spin-off of Arc System Works’ popular BlazBlue fighting game series. Set far in the past of the BlazBlue universe, XBLAZE: CODE EMBRYO explores the mysterious and interesting story only hinted at in the BlazBlue series. XBLAZE: CODE EMBRYO is the game true BlazBlue fans have only dreamt about, until now.


Source: Rice Digital