Our overall verdict "silver"

Worms are back…and this time they are marching onto the PS4 in the form of Worms Battlegrounds.

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You know the deal. Unsurprisingly you’re a Worm, who’s job is to out think your other worm opponents so you don’t end up as worm food. This may be next gen, and it certainly looks that way, running at a cool 1080p and 60fps – but for Worms fans, this is still very much the Worms you know and love. As usual, there is a lot to get stuck into here. The single player campaign consists of 25 missions and 10 Worm-Ops time attack missions. And as usual, you have a whole host of ludicrous weapons and utilities at your disposal – jet packs, grenades, shotguns…not forgetting some of the classic Worms weapons such as running, exploding sheep. The 10 new additions to your arsenal, compliments of PS4, are as gloriously silly as you’d hope for – Whoopsie Cushion, Bovine Blitz, Winged Monkey for example are great new additions. In Battlegrounds, you’re also accompanied by Tara Pinkle (excellently voiced by The IT Crowd’s Katherine Parkinson) as you make your way through the single player campaign in the Museum. The British humour is again spot on and offers many laughs along the way.

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Worms Battlegrounds continues Worms theme of being a strategy game where you need to use your brain much more than any fast reflexes – I mean you’re a worm, there’s only so quick you’re gonna move, but launching grenades, creating havoc and hearing a worm shout “Fatality!” in a way that makes the Mortal Kombat voiceover dude sound like he’s been inhaling helium continues to be hilarious after all this time. The fact that you now hear their voices coming through your DS4 speaker is a great, subtle confirmation that you and your merry bunch of Worms are battling in Next Gen territories. Another superb next gen feature is the use of the touchpad. Team 17 have added the ability to assign 4 weapons to your Touchpad for quick use – just swipe in a particular direction to pick your desired weapon. This is especially helpful if you’ve wasted a lot of your turn simply trying to land on a ledge (it happens, Worms suck at jumping) and you want to quickly…um….throw a sheep at someone?!

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After opening the can of worms that is the (very time consuming, but hugely enjoyable) single player campaign you can hit the Multiplayer. Up to 4 players can get stuck into the different modes, local or online. You can create your own Clan, or join an already existing one. It’s awesome. As much as I love Multiplayer though, the things I found most exciting (Ok, I’m a nerd) was the Customisation and Landscape Editor sections. I named my army of worms after some of our awesome twitter followers (see screenshot below). Then, I could create my own maps to play on. Once I had littered my creation with mines and various head scratching conundrums, I was able to invite online players to face me on my home turf. And that’s why Worms is still here after all this time – they keep what people love about the franchise but evolve and add new features to galvanise the series. Team 17 have effectively been getting this right for as long as I can remember. Battlegrounds is another success to add to their mightily impressive list.

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With its excellent next gen features, gorgeous visuals and all the things you ever loved about Worms taken to another level, Worms Battlegrounds is the best Worms game around – and that’s really saying something after all these years.

Punk rating: 8.5/10

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