Why aren’t there any real money casino games on PlayStation?


The number of adults who have a PS3 must at least equal the number of children who do, so it’s a weird conundrum really that most of the games are aimed at kids. Of course, there are some games that are deemed too violent for children, but beyond fighting games, why aren’t there more games out there that are suitable for an adult audience?

For instance, with the fact that casino gaming has become so popular online, it’s really surprising that PS hasn’t grabbed onto this trend more than it has. If you’re a console owner who happens to enjoy casino gaming, it makes perfect and logical sense that you would want to play casino games via your console too. There’s only one game that offers anything like a casino experience and that’s High Stakes – where there are five poker variants to play. However, all of these are Hold’em games and there are no other casino games like roulette or blackjack on the High Stake game.

This lack of casino games for the PS3 may be more do with the fact that game developers understand that most people wouldn’t get much satisfaction out of playing casino games without real money being involved and therefore that casino games wouldn’t be big sellers for console use. And there’s also the fact that there are plenty of other ways that people can play casino games – for real money or for free. One of the easiest ways to access poker and other casino games is to click here to visit the bgo online casino where you’ll find a wide selection of games like poker, roulette, blackjack and baccarat all on one site, as well as hundreds of different slots games to choose from. Bgo is just one example; there are lots of other sites like 888casino and 32red that allow players to play for real money or in demo mode at any time.

It may be that real cash casino games could be developed for use with the new PS4, but even then, there’s the problem of different gambling laws being applied in different countries, so regulating a game that uses real cash on a gaming console might prove to be fraught with difficulty. If these issues could be resolved, the player experience of playing casino games on the PS4 could be a great one. For example, the PlayStation Eye could copy a player’s body movements during a game of poker and you could use the PS4 microphone to talk to other players while you played.

Already PlayStation Home Casino has been launched which, although it doesn’t allow you to play with real money, does offer players ‘chip packages’. The Casino is a 3D virtual social gaming network only for use on PS3 and you need a PSN account to access it. By playing the different casino games there, you can access dozens of rewards, but you need to buy chips from the Cashier first. Then any winning chips will be added to your earnings. Although the PS Home Casino adds to the PlayStation®Home experience, it’s questionable whether it’s better than just going on to one of the many different casino gaming sites which will not only let you play for real money, but also reward you with real money gaming credit when you first join a site and put down a deposit.

By Siobahn Jenkins