With so many games set to come out over the next few months, and after the massive AAA release overload of February, the team have decided to release their game in a less crowded time-frame. The additional time will also be spent on minor improvements and polishing the game.

Here’s the official blurb:

The Sinking City is an open world, open investigation game set in a Lovecraft universe. The player steps into the shoes of a private investigator who finds himself trapped in the city of Oakmont Massachusetts – a place suffering from unprecedented floods of supernatural origins. The player must
uncover the source of whatever has taken possession of the city, and the minds of its inhabitants.

Cthulhu is undoubtedly cool, but he is far from being the only pillar of Lovecraft’s undeniable importance as a writer. And if you ever wondered about what exactly makes him so influential, the answer is here! This video aims to introduce H.P. Lovecraft to the people who aren’t familiar with his works.

Check out the new release date trailer.

The Sinking City is coming to PS4, PC, and Xbox One on June 27th.