Back to Bed is a challenging and whimsical surrealist puzzle game from Danish developer, Bedtime Digital Games.

In Back to Bed, players take the role of Subob – the subconscious identity of sleepwalker Bob – and must guide him through increasingly challenging dream levels with the eventual goal of bringing the bleary-eyed Bob back to bed.

Features Include:
•30 flights of frenzy: Take on 30 bizarre, dream-like puzzle levels by removing obstacles from Subob’s path to return him to safety before he crashes
•Puzzle Gameplay Turned Upside Down: Negotiate impossible constructions in mind-bending, gravity-defying puzzle levels that require creative thinking to solve
•Appreciate the Art of Impossible: Take in the painstakingly hand-drawn artwork of a game whose individual level design takes its cues from some of modern art’s most memorable pieces
•Nightmare Mode: Serious puzzle enthusiasts that can complete the main game are invited to try this all-new, enhanced-difficulty mode to truly put their puzzle-solving skills to the test

Back to Bed is out now PS4, PS Vita and PS3.

Source: Loot Interactive