Next week the PlayStation VR arrives on the scene and we at P&L can’t wait. We’re happy to say that as well as reviewing PS4 and PS Vita games, we’ll also be partnering with to bring you all the latest PSVR reviews and gaming goodness.

Here’s a taste of what’s coming October 13th to PS4 and PSVR in a bumper week of releases.

THUMPER – A game of rhythmic violence

THUMPER combines classic rhythm-action with speed and physicality. You control a space beetle while careening towards confrontation with an insane giant head from the future. Drool LLC was founded by veteran developers Brian Gibson and Marc Flury. They have contributed to a long list of games, including Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Dance Central, and Fantasia: Music Evolved.

The trailer offers a glimpse of the unrelenting “rhythm hell” in store.

The game will debut on PlayStation 4 and PSVR on October 13th. We spoke to Marc from Drool last year, check out the interview here. We’ve been glued to THUMPER all night, our review hits on release day.

Mantis Burn Racing – Fancy some fast-paced bumper-to-bumper racing action?

Developer and Publisher VooFoo Studios bring Mantis Burn Racing to PS4 on October 12th. Mantis Burn Racing features a full career mode and four player local split screen and eight player online multiplayer. Dune-buggies, road-racers and super-strong 6-wheeler trucks make up a strong roster of vehicles to race. Jump the sand dunes of sun-scorched Sand Town or burn rubber on the asphalt city streets of New Shangri-la, Mantis Burn Racing certainly looks like a top-down racer to get excited about. Check it out below.

Windlands – The first person grappling hook PSVR exploration game

Psytec Games from London, England, bring Windlands to PSVR on October 13th. You’ll be able to soar through the ruins of a fallen civilisation and discover the secrets of the ancient world. There are multiple routes to take that provide a range of optional challenges throughout the game. Windlands also features Speed Runs, Time Trials, and hidden areas. If you fancy a non-violent, Zen like relaxing evening of gaming, then here you go.

Manual Samuel – A ridiculous adventure unlike anything you’ve ever played before

The game challenges players to guide the titular hero through the worst 24 hours of his life, doing everything – everything – manually. This extraordinary day begins with Samuel being knocked over and killed, and all being well ends with him living happily ever after, in a genuinely laugh-out-loud tale of love, redemption and faeces. Billed as a ‘dexterity adventure’, Manual Samuel makes everyday situations increasingly slapstick as simple tasks such as getting dressed become hilarious set pieces where forgetting to breathe can mean the difference between successfully getting your pants on. As the day progresses, Sam must keep his girlfriend and his boss happy – all whilst keeping Death happy.

Check out the madness below.

Perfectly ParaNormal’s darkly comic adventure Manual Samuel will hit PS4 on October 11th, and will be priced at £7.99 /$9.99 / €9.99. There shall also be a launch discount too! Head back here for S J’s review on release date too!

100ft Robot Golf – Destroy your way to par

100ft Robot Golf is a real time golf game where you get to control impossibly large robots on their quest for par. Never get your ball stuck behind a pesky tree or skyscraper ever again. Just swing your golf club to smash even the tallest buildings out of the way – or into the way of your robot golfing buddies. Smashing! Up to four players can hit the greens, cities, mountains and orbiting moons. Either split-screen or online, budding robot golf pilots can play frantic real-time golf, classic turn based action, or even custom rulesets crafted for your own custom Robot Golf round.

100ft Robot Golf is launching on October 10th on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR.

HoPiKo – The speed-run platformer sprints onto PS4

HoPiKo is an intense speed run platformer. You need to jump from platform to platform avoiding death, exploiting shortcuts and rip through 100s of hand-crafted levels, each one dropped into a 5-stage mini run designed to break your mind. Check out this fast and brutal game below.

Laser Dog Games are from Leeds (UK), and they plan to launch HoPiKo digitally on PS4 on October 12th. It is available to pre-order on the PSN store now.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes – Cooperative bomb-defusing game

Steel Crate Games bring their cooperative bomb-defusing game will be available at launch for PlayStation VR on October 13th. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is an award-winning party game designed for virtual reality platforms and looks a perfect fit for living room game nights. Check it out below.

One player is trapped in a virtual room with a ticking time bomb they must defuse. The other players are the “Experts” who must give the instructions to defuse the bomb by deciphering the information found in the bomb defusal manual. But there’s a catch: the experts can’t see the bomb, so everyone will need to talk it out – fast. Puzzle solving and communication skills – and maybe a few friendships – will be put to the test as players race to defuse bombs while communicating quickly, clearly, and effectively.

This game sounds like a true test of your friendship and even your marriage!

DRIVECLUB VR – The most impressive virtual reality game?

Want the definitive and most immersive DRIVECLUB experience possible? Then let’s hope that DRIVECLUB VR, which is launching October 13th, delivers this. We’re huge DRIVECLUB fans here at P&L so this one has to be one of the titles we’re most excited about. The game will be available as both a physical Blu-ray release and a digital download.

Here They Lie – Terrifies PS4 and PSVR

Here They Lie is a dark psychological horror experience that transports you to a terrifying, surreal world inhabited by strange and malevolent creatures. It’s a horror game built for PS4 and PSVR and releases October 13th. Developers, Tangentlemen, have been working in collaboration with Sony Santa Monica to bring this dark psychological horror experience to PlayStation, and we’re pretty excited about this one!

Check out what to expect in the trailer below.


Launching exclusively for PlayStation VR is RIGS, a First Person Shooter that throws you into explosive battle arenas where mechanised combat and futuristic sports collide head-on. Take a look at Cambridge’s Guerrilla VR-exclusive arena shooter in this videos on how to make a VR shooter. Interesting stuff indeed.

Rollercoaster Dreams – Welcome to the dream virtual amusement park

Rollercoaster Dreams is an amusement park management game and is rolling its way onto PS4 and PS VR on October 13th. The main mode of the game is to manage and grow amusement parks, show your management skill by development, advertisement, and staff management. The game also has lets you make infinite patterns of rollercoasters too.

We’re certainly pumped of PlayStation VR. Who’s not?!