Feel the thrill of horror mixed with a dose of humor, beauty, ugliness, and weirdness in the surreal world of Earthworms. You play as Daniel White, a private detective endowed with parapsychic abilities, and solve investigations with the help of his visions. Soon, what he thinks is a typical missing person case, will lead him to a global conspiracy.

The game was redesigned specifically for Nintendo Switch, so apart from many changes, you can play any way you like. Touch screen, with Joy-Cons/Pro Controller, and one handed: everything you need is found on a single Joy-Con. The game lets you explore and interact with 34 locations with challenging logical puzzles, and it’s all set to a whimsical soundtrack.

Check it out below.

SONKA will be releasing Earthworms on Nintendo Switch on August 24th for $7.99/€7.99.