After the game featured on Playstation Blog, we got more information on what to expect in VizionEck.

VizionEck is a competitive first-person shooter coming exclusively to PS4 and is being developed by a new indie studio that shares the same name. Company founder and game developer Michael Armbrust announced  that VizionEck will be releasing Holiday 2014.

The core philosophy of the gameplay is simple: in contrast to the visuals,no gameplay aspects are black and white. Every situation can be approached in multiple ways, with no inherently bad choices. Destroying enemies andsurviving is generally good, but there are exceptions. Even self-destruction(suicide) has positive outcomes depending on the player’s circumstances.

In VizionEck, surfaces create a variety of platforming effects depending on their outline color. Below explains this and also we get a look at the latest screens.

WHITE- normal surface. When a player lands on a white outlined surface, it refills their jump count.


GREEN- sends players up. Green ceilings are hung from, green floors act as bounce pads, and green walls lift a player up. Like a surface outlined in white, the green outlined surfaces also refill a player’s jump count.


RED- stops all jumping. Red empties a Ranger’s jump count until they can reach a green or white outlined surface.


BLUE- rotates gravity. By touching an outlined blue surface, a player’s orientation is warped. By jumping onto a wall, the wall becomes the floor, and by jumping at a ceiling, the ranger will pass through. A blue floor has no effects. It will neither warp orientation or refill jumps. Blue surfaces appear different than all others; they are fully transparent apart from their outline.

VizionEck‘s main features including the following:

* Online

* Multiplayer
* Leaderboards
* Community Unlocks-see
* Record Books-the first person in the world to do anything is
* Spectating-public online matches can be watched from custom camera
angles in real-time.

* Splitscreen

* Up to four players
* Can be used during online multiplayer

* Competitive Multiplayer modes

* Duel: one verse one “sudden-death.” Players start on opposite
surfaces with a white charge block already charged.
* Ranger VS Ranger: “deathmatch”/”slayer.”
* Team Ranger VS Ranger
* Retrieval: “capture the flag.”

* Player Counts

* 1-4 local
* 2-24 online

* Map Free Roam: Explore multiplayer maps outside of matches. Learn
all their secrets without having enemies to worry about.
* DLC: All add ons are bought using in game currency. No paid DLC.
* 3D: Full stereoscopic support for 3D TVs and viewers. Project
Morpheus support was not announced.

Mind blown, I think so! More news from VizionEck and Michael Armb as it happens.