We really dig what the guys over at Laughing Jackal do. It was August last year that we first posted news on their amazingly titled Flame Over (we love a good pun). Well now, thanks to some more insight via the Playstation Blog we can now check out a video of the first gameplay footage. The game is “a blend of top down twin-stick gameplay and ‘pyroguelike’ mechanics. Flame Over is a highly original firefighting game featuring randomly generated levels, near-death experiences at every turn, and a clever dynamic fire system that spreads and burns through the Infernal Industries building as you play.

This is pre alpha and features scenes from Flame Over’s starting game zone, the Infernal Industries Office. If you’re at Gamescom, make sure you check it out as it is appearing on Sony’s stand. Below check out some screens, and for a more detailed look, check out the full post on the Playstation Blog.


Flame 3