Our overall verdict "gold"

After PS Mini game Velocity first came out, the game was held in high regard and rightly praised from all corners of the internet. It was a game that not only had ideas above its station but was taking that station and smashing it to smithereens. It was clear from day one that this was not your average mini game and that it not only deserved to have a bigger audience, it seemed to be only a matter of time before it had that bigger audience. Fast forward to the present day, and not content with the huge critical acclaim of Velocity Ultra on PS Vita, Futurlab have now teamed up with Curve to bring Velocity Ultra to the big screen. So how does it fare on the PS3?

First off, everything looks unsurprisingly brilliant. I say unsurprising, because when 2 game changers like Futurlab and Curve team up, it’s not remotely surprising that this looks and plays as well as it does. In fact it’s probably more surprising that the world didn’t end in an explosion of awesomeness. The PS3 version boasts what you would expect: trophies (including the best named Platinum :plat of all time – “Show Thumb Respect“), leaderboards and graphics so good you will want to lick the screen. If you’re new to Velocity Ultra, it takes the simple idea of being a classic shoot em up but adds teleporting, truly intelligent gameplay, amazing old school game references and hidden secrets too.

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Your mission is to complete 50 Zones. You need to rescue survivors, fend off horrible little enemies called Zetachron and make it to the end of each Zone. Some of the zones are Critical Urgency zones, meaning you will have to boost all the way through using R1 or R2. These buttons scroll the screen up quickly, which is great when you’re in a rush. But find yourself in a Hostile Forces zone where Zetachron are trying to kill you and you may need to go easy on it. Over the course of the zones you will find yourself learning more tasking techniques. One of them – teleporting, is essential. Whether you are being bombarded by enemies or simply need to rush to the other side of the screen it is something that has always made Velocity Ultra stand out.

You will also need to disable security barriers to get through them, and these have to be done in a certain order. They are numbered, but number 8 might be the first one you see and might be at the bottom of the map. Number 1 however is right at the top. You’re screwed right? FuturLab and Curve ain’t gonna play you like that. Introducing the Telepod. If the screen flashes blue, then it’s a good place to drop a Telepod. This means you can return back to where you dropped it, even if you’ve gone past the point of no return.

In each Zone you can obtain a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Perfect medal depending on your performance. If you were thinking you could Bronze your way to victory, think again. Once you get to around Zone 40 the amount of XP needed to unlock the final levels is pretty high, meaning you may have to go back and get some more Gold’s. In most games it would be a total drag having to go back and replay levels but it never is in Velocity Ultra. It is so fun, incredibly addictive and has music that you will never, ever get tired of listening to.

In the Flight Computer you have your stats and mini games. The mini games are unlocked by collecting hidden medals in the main game. Here you can enjoy versions of Minesweeper, Viper’s Trial (Remember the game Snake?) and Smith’s Challenge (a remake of the classic game Lunar Landing). You’ll also be able to play the Credits mini game, where you can blast through all the credits to earn a trophy. You know a game is special when even reading the credits is interesting. There are also Secrets, which are awesome. I really don’t want to spoil them for you, but I’ll let you in to one of them. You can change the Flight Computer wallpaper by holding Square and tapping the OS name. It’s special touches like these that blow you away.

If you’ve never played Velocity Ultra before, you are in for such a treat. As someone who truly loved it on Vita, that feeling is only reinforced all the more by playing it on the big screen. Show Thumb Respect for yourself. Buy this game.

Punk rating: 9/10