Our overall verdict "platinum"

Sometimes you get a review code. Then sometimes, you get a motherfu**ing review code. Velocity 2X landed in our inbox like an atomic bomb and I couldn’t have been more hyped. I mean, Velocity Ultra was near perfection; staggering visuals, frantic gameplay and a killer soundtrack. The fact that FuturLab would even attempt to better that game in the form of a sequel is ludicrous in itself. Bless ’em…they think they can better Velocity Ultra, ha! I was intrigued beyond belief at how it would even be possible.


The first thing that hits you is the visuals. You thought it was beautiful before? Oh my God, you ain’t seen nothing yet. In my review of Velocity Ultra, I said it had graphics that looked so good you’d want to lick the screen. This time, you’ll want to move in with the screen, marry it, and maybe have some FuturLab screen babies. Seriously, the colours and textures are breathtaking, particularly in explosions (which you’ll see a lot of). Even the menus and flight computer are gorgeous. The next thing you’ll notice, at the start at least, is the ‘more of the same’ feeling. That classic shoot ’em up feel, flinging bombs, teleporting, and not forgetting your mission of course: complete 50 zones (there are bonus ones too – 25 in fact), rescue survivors and fight off enemies. Additionally you have your Critical Urgency zones, meaning you will have to boost all the way through, scrolling frantically. And when I say ‘more of the same’ feeling, I thoroughly mean it as a compliment. You feel lucky to be able to experience the adrenaline rush of the first game again. It would have been horrible if it had been worlds apart from the original. But this isn’t all déjà vu. There is a whole host of additional features that make this not only an incredible sequel, but a game that truly stands on its own two telepods.


First off, meet Lt Kai Tana. She is Velocity 2X‘s protagonist. She couldn’t be more awesome and I am in love with her. If I wasn’t shacking up with the screen and having FuturLab babies I would be proposing to her right now with a Rekenium ring. For starters, she can disembark the Quarp Jet, platform and teledash her way past the Vokh Guards (yep, new enemies), throw telepods up to higher platforms to progress (no, really!) and will guide you through some killer boss fights. Oh I didn’t mention that before? Velocity 2X has boss fights..and on foot platforming! It’s at this point that you start to think..there *must* be something wrong with this game. Is ‘perfect’ ever really achievable when it comes to video games? Surely it’s subjective. How can we ever really know?

Vokh Guard_PS4

The truth is, Velocity 2X is faultless. If you can find one thing wrong in Velocity 2X, then you are going through it with the finest tooth comb in the history of the world and are probably wanting to find something wrong with it, possibly because you want more “AAA” games. The kicker is, FuturLab have already done that. They’ve got an even finer tooth comb. The level of imagination and creativity on show here truly illustrates that this has been slaved over to leave not even a modicum of complacency. Everything from the gameplay to the music, hell even the credits are operating in a different stratosphere to other games on PS4 so far. It’s an extraordinary piece of work which deserves all the plaudits it will undoubtedly get. Combine that with a Vita version which will leave your other Vita games wanting to better themselves, a perfect cross save feature and the insanity of it being free on PS Plus and you’re easily looking at a Game of The Year contender.

With Velocity 2X, FuturLab have beat themselves at their own game. Quite simply, Velocity 2X is the best PS4 game to date, and it will take something from another world to take this ship down.

Punk rating: 10/10