If you followed our coverage of Eurogamer this past week you’ll know the game that stole the show for us was Futurlab’s Velocity 2X. Earlier this year Velocity Ultra came out for Playstation Vita and it flat out refused to get a bad review anywhere. It seems Futurlab weren’t going to settle for making one of the best PS Vita games of the year. When it was announced that not only would there be a sequel, but it would be on PS Vita and PS4, well our heads nearly exploded. We have an interview with James Marsden coming later this week, but for now check out these stunning new screenshots and some Pre-Alpha footage of Velocity 2X:

Avoid Hazards With Telepod

Run N Gun

Teledash Cutscene

Vokh Guard

Hostile Forces

Pew Pew Pink

Parallax Dual Stick Run N Gun

Dam That's Pretty

Pre-Alpha Footage

Velocity 2X is a sci-fi platformer and shoot ‘em up in one adventure! Judging by our time on it at Eurogamer, it’s a game that every gamer should own. Velocity 2X is scheduled for 2014.