Spanish developer Hydra Interactive was really kind to give us a glimpse of their up coming game Upside-Down Dimensions. Be ready to slash your way trough hordes of enemies, defeat the Dark Shogun and bring peace back into this magnificent paper world.

Upside-Down Dimensions is a highly visual game that combines action, hack ‘n’ slash, RPG, stealth, platform and puzzles to create a unique and amazing gameplay experience.

You play as two characters separated into different dimensions. Flipping between these worlds to stop the nefarious Dark Shogun. A peaceful and colourful paper world is about to be torn apart. Hordes of evil are preparing to make their last stand, in one final battle to bring ruin to this paper kingdom. In their way are two heroes, a boy and a girl. Follow them in their epic journey to defeat evil once and for all.

Today Daniel from Hydra Interactive gives us the latest update about Upside-Down Dimensions: “The game will be out on all PS formats especially the PS Vita. We have been working hard on a great trailer (beloew) that enlight players on what is the the game backstory and some of the main mechanics that will be made available while playing on the different platforms. We have also been playing around with the game on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.”

Here is the first Gameplay trailer below:

You play as two characters, Ryuu and Keiko and fight your way through a deep storyline, to save the world from being consumed by evil.

Ryuu is a young samurai who has been sent by his family to serve the Shogun.
Characteristics being:
• Has the sacred Sword one of the 3 sacred objects/key
• Able to summon powerful origamis(origami creatures)
• Main skills
o Can throw shuriken
o Key chained attacks & strikes
o Special Combos

Keiko is the sole daughter of the ruling shogun. She lives a happy life, completely unaware of anything outside the boundaries of the palace.
Characteristics being:
• Has the sacred Mirror- one of the 3 sacred objects/keys
• Able to summon powerful origamis (origami creatures)
• Main Skills
o Stealth and infiltration abilities
o Can defend herself with her umbrella

Daniel also releases the latest artwork and gives us a visual taste of what to expect in Upside-Down Dimensions.



upside 6

upside 5

upside 2




If you’re a big fan of Origami, Samurai Warriors and loved to play Tearaway, be sure to pick this game up when it releases on PS4 and PS Vita in 2015.

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