Our overall verdict "silver"

Unepic was originally released in 2011 on PC, but now us Playstation gamers can get our mits on it. So what is it exactly? Unepic is an RPG with a difference. It will take you back to NES days. It will make you laugh. It will test your patience (it’s bloody hard). So is Unepic worth exploring on your Vita?


The game takes place in Harnakon, a medieval castle. You star as Daniel, who like you, is an ace video game player. In the middle of an RPG session, he suddenly gets transported into his own RPG adventure. Epic! The one problem is in the castle, he has a friend along for the ride – a mysterious shadow. This weird shadow wants to escape you, but the only way for that to happen is for you to kick the bucket. Cue an epic journey to free the spirits and kill the master of the Castle. Gameplay wise, think metroidvania. What ensues is a mixture of platforming, customisation and tiral and error. Trial and error is the diplomatic way of saying it is brutally hard in places. Good thing you have a genuinely hilarious script to keep you going. The whole “knowing you’re in a video game” aspect is handled really well and the dialogue will make you laugh out loud at times, as it’s laced with more sci fi references than you can shake a stick at. Furthermore, there’s lots of spell creating, levelling up and chests and barrels worth of customisation options. Seriously, there is a staggering amount of content here (200 rooms anyone?). There are more than 100 weapons (axes, daggers and so on) and 70 magic spells (potions, scrolls and so on) hidden throughout the castle, each with its own traits and uses. And you’re gonna need them to fend off a whole gallery of dangerous monsters, skeletons and scary ass bosses.


And that’s really it. Unepic is an exploration RPG which has its tongue firmly in cheek, but also has everything you’d want if you are an RPG fan. And something worth noting, Unepic was made by one man. You won’t realise how of a staggering achievement that is until you play it, but for one man to even attempt to create this much content is truly remarkable. I tip my hat to you, Francisco Téllez de Meneses. Now that, is truly epic. Oh and cheers for the cross buy, Crowd of Monsters!

It’s hard to not like Unepic. It’s funny, challenging and has barrels worth of great, geeky fun. For the asking price of £7.99, it’s well worth checking out.

Punk rating: 8/10


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