Our overall verdict "bronze"

Don’t you hate it when you’re outside, cooking burgers in the dark and a UFO comes along and beams you, your family, and even your burgers up to their spaceship? That’s the dilemma your main protagonist Dad faces here. The reason? Dad invented the Wonder Spatula, which is great for flipping burgers, and this has since become the main aim of the aliens…to get their hands (hands?) on it.


UFO Dad at its core is a Tetris /Bejeweled style game where you need to chain together burgers of the same colour for points. You can chain together 3, or if you’re able to, you don’t have to stop at 3 as more chains = more points. As you progress through levels, things get harder but the points gets higher. You’ll have to avoid the pesky UFO tractor beam when it’s active, or likewise you can get crushed by blocks if you’re not careful with your Spatula. There is many burger related techniques too to stop the aliens getting all up in your grill. You can Burger Swap (stand next to a burger that has a block on the other side of it and press square, this enables you to swap positions with the burger) or you can Flip Burgers (hit down on the d pad and square to launch them in mid air).


Whilst the humour is great and the art is great too, UFO Dad is all about points. The game is all about getting you to come back for more. With leaderboards included here, it’s all about getting the highest score possible.  It’s one of the reasons Nunnageddon works so well, and likewise here. Hopefully leaderboards will make more appearances in PSM games as they really do make a difference. You can also unlock other family members such as Ned, Sadie and Mom if you’re not feeling the socks and sandals look. All have their pros and cons, handily pointed out by a burger rating. Playstation Mobile is quietly in the corner being ace and I think we all need to stand up and appreciate the great little games on offer. Forget about trophies for a day, UFO Dad has earned its place alongside Life of Pixel, Switch Galaxy, Nunnageddon and Surge as one of the most addictive PSM games on offer. Moreover, with the news from Edit Mode that there will be some free DLC in the future, you could do a lot worse than taking on the aliens and flipping burgers this holiday season.


Punk rating: 7.5/10