TrueGaming Network, the company behind the ground-breaking Xbox achievement site TrueAchievements, is delighted to announce the launch of its new sister site, TrueTrophies ( – bringing the challenge of accurate trophy tracking to PlayStation gamers for the first time.

Supported by over 5 years of gamer-led feature development, TrueTrophies uniquely offers its users:

·         A True Scoring system that rewards gamers appropriately for harder trophy unlocks
·         Advanced statistical analysis of their gaming habits and trophies
·         Friend feeds
·         Gaming session creation
·         Trophy guides and full game walkthroughs
·         Gamer blogging and goal creation
·         Platform, genre, geographical and custom leaderboards
·         News and reviews from the PlayStation world
·         Twitter and Facebook integration

Building on the success of the Xbox-focused TrueAchievements, the new site offers PlayStation gamers, for the first time, a genuine yardstick by which to measure their skills. The True Scoring system employs an elegant formula to adjust the value of PlayStation Trophies in order to better reflect their scarcity and the skill required to gain them – the True Trophy score gives a greatly improved insight into a gamer’s individual mastery of a single game and the platform as a whole.
TrueGaming Network CEO Rich Stone said: “PlayStation gamers have been coming to us for years asking for a TrueAchievements style site for their console. We’re incredibly excited to finally bring it to them. Now, on whichever platform they choose to play, they have the ultimate companion site with which to compare themselves to their friends and assist in their quest for trophies.”
TrueTrophies is now live and already boasts a vibrant community pitting their skills against one another and themselves to chart their progress towards gaming godhood.