Today Simon Credland, Art Director at Eiconic Games, very kindly releases exclusively to Punk and Lizard the trophy information for their upcoming intergalactic tower defence game Final Horizon.

Simon Credland tells us:

We’ve completed the trophy list and the designs of the trophies themselves for Final Horizon. There are 38 trophies to unlock across 53 levels, some of which will really take all of your gaming skills. Some of the levels are fast-paced – others are going to need more thought, all are going to have you coming back for more. We are pleased to announce it is a Platinum Trophy game with Cross-buy/Cross-save on Playstation 4 and PsVita.”




Many thanks to Simon for sharing this news with us. We very much look forward to Final Horizon‘s release and bagging those trophies. We’ll be bringing more news on the release date soon. Stay tuned!

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