Rising Star Games and Supergonk, have announced that Trailblazers, the world’s first true, second-to-second co-operative arcade racing game, will be unleashed this Spring.

Trailblazers is a fresh new co-operative racing title with an innovative on-track game mechanic: paint the track, boost on your colour and work as a team to win! Racing in teams of up to three-versus-three, players paint the track as they race, capturing key areas to dynamically change the racing line, then boosting on their team’s colour. Racers who drive with flair and style will also amass skill points to blaze their way to victory. Players can experience the blistering high-speed action with up to six players online, or locally via split-screen for up to four local players with additional online or CPU-controlled challengers.

The game comes loaded with multiplayer thrills and a series of single-player challenges across an extended campaign mode.

Watch the new Trailblazers co-op gameplay trailer below.

Buckle up! Trailblazers comes crashing onto PlayStation 4 and Switch later this Spring.