Our overall verdict "silver"

Eiconic Games duel Stick Shoot ‘em up Total Recoil rockets onto the Vita. Priced at £1.99 and made by a company that has over 50 years of gaming experience, could this be the game to steal Ripstone’s Men’s Room Mayhem  ‘best value for money’ crown from them?

Armed with a mass of upgradeable assault rifles, flamethrowers, chain guns and grenade launchers your comic book hero has an interesting death wish. Destroying everything in sight, and I mean everything, your mission is to reach end of level bosses. This is made slightly harder as wave upon wave of mines, artillery strikes, dive bombing planes and bad guys with weapons of mass destruction rain down on you. There are more explosions here than a KISS show. It’s mass carnage on a scale the Vita has never seen before. It’s stuff you only see in movies, well not any more.


Your first outing sees you learn the controls, and this being a duel stick shooter on the Vita you’re in gaming heaven. Total Recoil moves and plays so smoothly. Unleashing hell from your chosen weapon is immense fun and so satisfying. There are no frustrating moments where controlling your little chap are going to cause you to go AWOL, oh no – this is instant accessible fun.

You start your journey on an oil rig. Exploding mines, missiles and flamethrowing nut cases cause a frantic first few minutes. Opening fire and blowing crates and barrels to smithereens just add to the on screen carnage. Also a lovely jolt of the screen adds more visual pleasure as plywood disintegrates everywhere. Each annihilated object leaves a coin or two, which when picked up can be spent on weapon upgrades and progression to other stages. It’s never too crazy on screen so you can clearly see the action. If there is a missile heading your way you have enough time to react…and run.


As you progress through levels the game suddenly gets more interesting as certain areas appear blocked off. This is where using different fire power comes into play. Each barricade displays which chosen weapon will be needed to move forth and conquer. Some areas of the screen require a guided missile to subject total destruction. Using the back touch screen sees you guide your war head to the location James Bond style, minus the pretty girl. You will succeed and onward into battle you go.
There is never a dull moment, flicking through upgrades, buying shields or restoring health can all be accessed while avoiding a constant barrage of hate from your foes.

Killstreaks are rewarded throughout the game. Once unlocked, having artillery strikes and sentry guns at your disposal is an added bonus. Total Recoil is a blast and is the Vita’s finest duel stick shooter. This is what the Vita has been crying out for and with the touch screen back and front Eiconic Games have your back . The triumphant soundtrack and butch American voice over’s (from legendary voice-over artist Tom Clarke Hill, the Kellogg’s tiger) really bring a wow factor to the game. Coloured in army greys and desert browns, this super sharp beautiful graphical display makes Total Recoil hard to put down. The trophy collection on offer is also well constructed with 13 bronze :bronze, 1 Sliver :silver and 1 gold :gold.

Total Recoil is possibly the Vita’s finest £1.99 game. Eiconic have created a blockbuster of a ride, given it the duel stick treatment with added spit and polish and decided to virtually give it away. Total Recoil is here… take cover.

Lizard rating  8.5 /10



Eiconic Games Limited

Released 3.7.13