Our overall verdict "bronze"

When the first Space Invaders rolled into town and took up residency in the local record shop people stopped buying records. This wardrobe like monstrosity was everyone’s first legal fix of a life changing high. The shop proprietor even encouraged younger addicts to play by providing milk crates for the under 5’s to stand on so as to see the screen.


Titan Attacks! is everything you saw in a retro space shooter back in the day but puppygames and Curve have kind of turned this idea on its head. Galaxian, Moon Cresta and Phoenix, it’s all in there – even Asteroids get a nod. Titan Attacks! is from the same school as these arcade classics but refuses to grow up. It’s a child like, fun, kick back and play shoot ’em up coming right at you with bucket loads of levels and added extras.


Your plodding alien fodder don’t plod any more; colourful bizarre crazed aliens cascade down in droves while others continually fire payloads of bombs and lasers at you. Asteroids also come hurtling down wanting to take your head off – there’s no let up at all. The levels can last moments, a few blinks and you’re literally advancing to the next swarm of angry aliens. There’s no playing peek-a-boo either, you’re exposed, with only your shield protecting you throughout.

Titan Attacks! looks super cool with its neo-retro visuals and a fresh modern soundtrack echoing out, but where the game really excels is the way you upgrade your ship. You can happily blast through levels, not giving two hoots about skill points, bonus challenges, saving gliding parachutists and all the other extras on offer – it’s your call. The upgrades on offer can be purchased from the shop in between levels. Here, your ship can require extra bullets/gunpower, smart bombs, add ons, recharge power and gain more shields. You need to battle across Earth, Moon, Mars, Saturn and finally Titan itself to complete the game, and there are global online hi-scores too. However, despite the five levels, Titan Attacks! is a short game. I completed the game and trophied up in a few sittings.



Whilst Titan Attacks! is a little bit too short for my liking, it is a fast burst of retro fun and a great tribute to Space Invaders. So sit back, grab any PlayStation platform and enjoy some refreshing retro rinsing.

Lizard rating: 7/10