About a week ago I got the Platinum for Guacamelee. A lot of the trophies are story based but some proved to be really difficult. A lot of our friends on Twitter have mentioned parts of the game they are having trouble with whether it be Jaguar Javier or Calaca. I had trouble with them too. For me it was really trial and error so I wanted to write down some tips which I learned which will hopefully save you tearing your hair out!

Jaguar Javier


This took me about an hour to figure out how to beat. The simple answer is HEADBUTT HEADBUTT HEADBUTT. I thought I would never beat this guy but the way to beat him is actually very simple. At the start headbutt him against the wall. He’ll then rebound back towards you. Headbutt him again. Likewise, he’ll again rebound towards you so headbutt him again. You’ll run out of stamina here so jump to the other side avoiding him. Then repeat the headbutting sequence. Do on repeat till you’ve beaten him!



Part 1
This is honestly all about rhythm. In the first section of the fight, when he goes up before he comes back down, do a double jump. It will mean you avoid his dash but will have time to see what type of shield you need to break. If it’s blue or red, go for it. If it is green don’t bother. Just wait for another chance. When you try and do a Frog Slam it takes you a while to get up after landing and he’ll hit you so don’t try! On to the second part of Calaca

Part 2
This seems impossible at first but is actually very simple once you figure out Calaca’s signals. If he leans back off the screen, it means he is going to fire down the middle of the screen. All you have to do here is duck. Do this using the D Pad not the stick. The stick can slip and throw you into the fire whereas the D pad won’t. If he leans back with his arms up it means you have to do a double jump. This will avoid his attacks completely. There are 2 other types of attack to avoid now. When the fire comes across the screen as an X shape, stand in the middle and don’t jump. This is a really good chance to deal Calaca some damage. Throw as many flames at him as you can but don’t jump to get them. Finally he spits these annoying orb type things out of his mouth. The way to avoid these is to double jump and to roll. If you roll it should protect you if you get hit.

Calaca’s signals in summary:
Calaca leans back – Duck using D pad
Calaca leans back with arms up – Double jump
Fire in an X shape across the screen – Stand in middle and don’t jump
Calaca spits at you – Double jump and roll

Some “You didn’t hear it from us” tips:

If you’re still struggling with the second part of Calaca, here’s a cheap exploit. Break his shield then turn yourself into a chicken. Go right over to the right hand side of the screen. For some reason Calaca will make groaning noises but won’t attack you. Simply peck away at him until he’s done!

You’ve finished the game, and you’ve now unlocked Hard Mode. The only problem is it took so much out of you the idea of playing the whole of the game on an even harder setting sounds horrendous.

Here’s what you do.

From the main menu hit new game, select hard, then back out (Use circle). Then go into the options menu then back out with circle. This forces the game to autosave. Then select continue. Once your game loads, press select. If it worked the word “hard” should appear in the upper left of the map. Go beat Calaca again and the Hard Mode trophy will pop.

After this you should only have orbs left to get. I pre warn you the difficulty spike on the Tule Tree orb is tough. The only advice I can give for the dreaded Tule Tree orb is that practice makes perfect. When you get to the top you will see so many chainsaws that it is daunting. Instead of awkwardly hopping between platforms and changing dimension at the same time, I did Goat Fly then right trigger to change dimension. I did this block by block and it worked. Here’s a video. Watch this before each section so you know what to expect before you get there:

Hopefully now you will have a new shiny platinum! Good luck! If you are having trouble on any other points hit us up in the Comments section and we’ll do our best to help.

Thanks for reading!