Fueled with rocket-powered love, new indie studio Candescent Games, have primed their powder to ignite the dynamic action-platformer Tinertia this Fall. Tinertia is built on the premise of Quake-like fun, Sonic-like speed, and precision controls…all without a jump button. The game is comprised of 80 levels across 8 unique environments.

Check out the new trailer below to get a better feel of what to expect.

By shooting rockets at your feet you can blast upwards or shoot to the side to gain speed and using the right stick rockets can be fired in any direction.

Explode Your Way To Glory
Physics is awesome and so are explosions. Master the controls to manipulate your momentum and go fast! Your speed is only limited by your skill.

Escape From Tinertia
Tinertia is an abandoned planet run by a mysterious AI entity known as the A.R.C. The A.R.C doesn’t take kindly to visitors, it wants you recycled! Use your rockets to overcome deadly obstacles, escape robot bosses, and find your way home.

It’s Hard!
Prepare to die. Repeatedly. But then you’ll get awesome, and that will be awesome.

8 Unique Environments
8 Robo-Bosses
80+ Challenging Levels
Speed Run and Rocket Challenges
#YoLo Challenge
Unlockable Skins
Leaderboards and Replay System

More news as we get it!


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