Dominating Twitter this week has been news from the PlayStation Experience. Uncharted 4 brought exclusive tears of joy and smugness to every PlayStation owner’s eyes, The Order 1886 looks set to prove all the haters wrong, and the Vita is finally getting a Sony-shaped cuddle in the form of a string of new releases. Microsoft seemed to have responded to the PlayStation Experience excitement with news that they themselves will be publishing Tomb Raider, but no one seems massively bothered. We are still none the wiser over Lara’s timed exclusivity issue and perhaps on some level we’ve already said goodbye. Also announced at PSX was Final Fantasy VII on the PS4 which looks absolutely … the same.

Driveclub released its dynamic weather patch this week and Twitter has been filled with pictures of rainstorms and blizzards. It looks unbelievable, everyone seems to have cheered up and it may be a turning point in the game’s post-launch development. Let’s all just hope we can keep these online games, erm, online, as the Lizard Squad has apparently been at it again. Whether or not they are actually responsible for PSN’s and Xbox Live’s recent glitches, I have no idea, but all seems stable for now. Pray to the Baby Jesus for a smooth online Christmas and a Chocolate Orange for all gamers.

The 20th Anniversary PlayStation was released with rumours of a unit hitting eBay with a $20,000 bid. What sort of mug would pay that? The sort of mug with lots of money who I hate because I want lots of money, a 20th Anniversary PS4 and also a pony with the PlayStation logo branded on its butt. I did spare the buyer a smirk, however, when Sony then announced the London pop-up shop and the limited edition console at £19.94. Whoops.

The fantastic (and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise) Alien Isolation has received two new difficulty modes: Novice and Nightmare. Nightmare is exactly as it sounds and I both pity and fall down and worship anyone who attempts it. Novice apparently has an Alien that is more easily distracted, although I don’t think pointing into the distance and shouting ‘LOOK, ELVIS!’ will necessarily work. Do, however, feel free to give it a try and let us know what your death feels like.


The Witcher 3 has been delayed again. We at Punk and Lizard have chosen to see this as a good thing. If it needs a few extra months for some gob and polish, so be it. We don’t want a good game; we want an epic game. We want Geralt’s hair to be as bouncy as it can be. We want a flawless framerate and bug free gameplay. We want faces. CD Projekt Red, take all the time you need.

That’s all, folks