The awesome pixel artist ‘NoFuel Games’ teams up with ‘Korion Games’ to deliver a challenging adventure full of riddle-fun.

Here’s the official blurb:

Think in 360 degrees in Alien Escape to solve challenges a dark tower offers. You are a group of aliens that was kidnapped and jailed. To escape you have to solve puzzles where you have to do more than just jumping and running!

Change your gravity and manipulate different objects in each room. Gravity, fire, water and a lot more will challenge you so much, you have to think around the corner! The complex puzzles are coming to PC and all consoles and are optimised for both, the TV/Desktop-Screen and the small screen of Nintendo Switch™.

‚Alien Escape‘ is the first bigger title from NoFuel Games. And it’s also the first title that is being released on multiple platforms. Kim Seitner, main developer of NoFuel, is not only a programming enthusiast, but also an incredible pixel artist. In a short time he got thousands of followers and created his very own charming art style, from stills to awesome animations with a lot of details.

The game is getting released in spring/summer for PC and consoles.