Our overall verdict "silver"

While scrolling through the menu on your PS4, it’s literally impossible to not notice The Playroom. Pre installed on every PS4, it looks a lot of fun. Unfortunately you need a PS4 camera to play it, and if you opened it up like I did not knowing this, you’ll have a big mocking 0% on your trophy list. It’s a big decision deciding to buy a PS4 camera, as they are expensive (the best deal you’re getting is around the £60 mark), but my personal opinion is that a PS4 camera is worthy of purchasing. It has voice controls (merely say “PlayStation, The Playroom, Start.” and you’re in the game or any other game you choose), you can stream yourself playing if you want people to see your rage quit* face, you can use facial recognition to sign in, and surely some games down the line will use the PS4 camera. The Playroom is another reason to consider the PS4 camera. It shouldn’t be the sole reason you get one, but it is great fun. And besides, look how much fun these two are having on it!


First stop should be Play with Asobi. Start the game and you’ll release Asobi from inside the DS4 and into your living room. You’ll get the Lovely Meeting You :bronze  trophy for this too. Here you can play with Asobi, or annoy him. If you choose to hit him with the controller a couple of times he’ll get annoyed and attempt to set your face on fire. Perhaps a slight overreaction there bud, I was just messing. Either way, this unlocks the Eye for an Eye :silver trophy, sweet! The Playroom is clever enough to know when you’ve left the room, and Asobi will get lonely. Head back in the room though and his frown will turn into a smile. It’s all really cute and you’ll unlock the Honey I’m Home :bronze trophy while you’re at it.

The next step is some AR Hockey, and unfortunately you’ll need a second DS4 for this. When you start a game you’ll pop the Wait! Is it one, two and we go on three? :bronze trophy. You want to keep things moving here for the silver trophy of Super Rally! :silver Just keep going and it pops during the rally. Hit a boost attack (this is all about timing, clicking the touchpad at the right time) will give you the Lightning Speed :bronze trophy. Whoever hits 7 first wins and you’ll be awarded some Champagne. Pop the cork by shaking your controller and you’ll spray right into the screen. The Don’t try this at home :bronze trophy will pop, as well as the cork.


Final stop in the main game is AR Bots. This is so cool. Swipe down on the touchpad, and you can see inside the controller. It is such a cool feature that will have you grinning from ear to ear. There is a bunch of friends in there, although if you shake the controller, they all fall over and get scared, so hold it steady and then press , , , or to get them to dance. You’ll grab the Secret Night Club :bronze trophy for bringing the beats. You can then head back into your living room, and swipe upwards continually on the touchpad. All the bots spill out onto your living room floor! Cover your eyes and open them again and you’ll get the Boo! :bronze trophy. Finally, although a bit mean, you can kick about the bots and make them splat on your screen. This will unlock Flight of the Bot :silver  and finally the Master of THE PLAYROOM :gold trophy.

Not only that but there are 2 DLC packs to get stuck into: Toy Maker and My Alien Buddy. Toy Maker means you can draw shapes on your Vita or smartphone and fling them into your living room. The 3 bronze trophies included are Modern Art :bronze (simply draw a five colour toy on your vita, can be any shape, then fling it on to the tv screen), Cleaning time! :bronze (simply vacuum up the toy you just threw in by pressing the touchpad) and It’s Christmas Every Day! :bronze (draw 10 toys and throw them onto the screen for the bots to play with).


My Alien Buddy has another 3 bronze to go for. In this DLC pack you’ll be flying your new buddy around your living room, causing chaos, all while steering with the DS4. Stretch his face out by moving your finger up the touchpad, this will make Show us that grin :bronze  pop. Next, you can collect glowing items amidst the chaos by getting you Alien buddy to hover above it and suck it up with . This will give you the World Traveller :bronze trophy. The final trophy is Intergalactic Disco Star :bronze. When you see a disco ball, stars will appear. Smack them about for the trophy to pop. Phew, 100% completion!

All in all The Playroom is so fun, perfect for all the family and I was smiling constantly throughout. I’m already hoping for some more DLC as these first 2 packs were so enjoyable. If in the end you do decide to get a PS4 camera, The Playroom should definitely be your first stop.


Punk rating: 8/10


*Punk and Lizard do not endorse rage quitting in any way.