Back in May we brought news of  The Legend of Doodle, now Indie game studio The Layabouts today tell us that they have finished unveiling the new HD look for The Legend Of Doodle and has capped it off with the release of not one, but two new trailers, as well as a new gallery of screenshots.

The Legend Of Doodle is a platform game for PS Vita, PC and Mac,with a focus on elegant simplicity. Guiding the titular hero, Doodle, through a hastily-scribbled world, players will find themselves traveling across looseleaf, construction paper, cardboard, and more on a quest to free the kingdom from the corrupted King HB. Thousands of obstacles stand between them and the end, and it’ll take a keen eye and precision footwork to make it out alive. Interesting secrets, subterranean detours, and hidden collectibles wait around every corner, providing plenty of opportunities for the enterprising explorer to whet their appetite for adventure.

Check out the two new trailers and screen below:


doodle 4

doodle 3

doodle 2

doodle 1

– 500+ bite-sized challenges
– several worlds to explore, each host to a variety of new obstacles and mechanics
– tons of secrets to find, and bonus content to unlock
– moody, atmospheric, original soundtrack
– lengthy boss fights throw you into unique situations with several offbeat enemies
– unlockable 2-player modes put your skills to the test in competitive and cooperative challenges.

The Legend Of Doodle will debut on PC and Mac soon, with a PS Vita release to shortly follow. No final decisions on release date, price, or any other platforms have been made at this time.