A charming blend of modern platforming and colorful brushstrokes, The Last Tinker: City of Colours really caught our eye when released last year. The game was a download only title but now SOEDESCO is releasing the game at retail for PlayStation 4.


Johannes Roth, CEO Mimimi Productions says: “Since the release of The Last Tinker many fans have been asking us for a boxed version. We know it’s a good feeling to actually hold the game in your hands and to be able to add it to your real-world collection of games. Finally, you will see the game in retail shelves, and we are just as happy about it as our fans are.”

In her review of the game, SJ Hollis said: “If all games are a litter of puppies, this would be the extra cute one curled up contentedly in the corner. Go on, pick him up and tickle his ears. You know you want to.”

Expect The Last Tinker: City of Colours to hit retail in spring.