Nosebleed Interactive is an independent game developer based in Newcastle upon Tyne; the heart of the North East of England. Today they tell PlayStation blog about The Hungry Horde coming to PS Vita later this year.

The Hungry Horde. Like all good ideas, it’s a pretty simple concept. You start the game off controlling a couple of wayward zombies. Every time you bite a human they join your ever increasing horde, until you’re controlling whole streets full of the undead.

Unfortunately, rampaging through the streets eating brains is always going to grab someone’s attention, and sensing the danger to the population the government have decided to do the only sensible thing they can. Quarantine the area and nuke you. So it’s a race against the clock to gather a big enough horde to smash down any human defenses and take on armed guards, tanks and any other opposition that gets between you and those tasty brains.

That’s the core of the game but of course there’s so much more to it than that. At Nosebleed we’re all total gamers. Arcade, puzzle, strategy, casual and hardcore. As long as they’re polished and fun we play them all. The Hungry Horde is packed with extra features and content to discover and unlock, like the zombie creator or the boombox mode, but the thing we’re really pleased with is the mini-games.”

Here’s your first look at a brand new handheld title coming out of Sony XDEV: