There’s been no let up in horror titles being released on PS4. Now PS VR gets some much needed horror action.

Fun Train announced today that The Exorcist: Legion VR is now available for PlayStation VR from the PlayStation Store. Leveraging the power of VR, the game transports players into a chilling world created by horror maestro, William Peter Blatty, author of the Academy Award-winning Exorcist series. Through five, intense episodes (each 25-30 minutes) players will unravel a twisted story – each one featuring a unique demonic entity that will test player’s courage and resolve.

Following is a summary of the first three chapters players will experience in The Exorcist: Legion VR:

Chapter 1 – “First Rites” – Players step into the shoes of a Boston homicide detective tasked with investigating the ritualistic murder of Father Bell, a priest at a local church. It has all the makings of a serial killer, but they soon discover that it’s much more…Father Bell was on the verge of uncovering an evil entity beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. Now players must pick up where he left off, transitioning from ordinary homicide detective to full-fledged exorcist.

Chapter 2 – “Idle Hands” – Explore what happens when people dabble in forces they don’t fully understand. Back at the police station, the player receives a package from a stranger directing them to investigate the sudden psychotic episode of an institutionalized school teacher who is tormented by an unseen force. The entity they encounter is as old as Babylon itself and is adept at using illusion to prevent them from severing its hold over its victim.

Chapter 3 – “Skin Deep” – In this chapter players will encounter Abyzou, an entity who has been blamed for infant mortality throughout the history of civilization. Many cultures have encountered her, and she has many names – from Lilith in Hebrew to Medusa in Greek. It’s the player’s task to force her to reveal herself, protect a newborn baby and send her back from whence she came! Sounds easy? Not so much- she’s quite persuasive.

Chapters 1 – 3 of The Exorcist: Legion VR are available now for download from the PlayStation Store for an $6.99 each and the Complete Series (including the forthcoming Chapter 4 “Samaritan” and Chapter 5 “The Tomb”) is available for £24.99/$29.99. Players who buy Chapter 1 and then want access to the rest of the series can purchase a Season Pass for $24.99.

The base game comes with six trophies and unfortunately there is no platinum trophy to aim for. Still, if you’re looking for your scares PS VR style then The Exorcist: Legion VR looks set to deliver.