Thanks to the PS4 I got into real life photography due to the photomode option that most games have these days.
It made me understand how cameras work, showing me how to use its settings and that it’s not all down to just pointing and clicking in a certain direction. Gran Turismo Sport is the latest game to have photomode and it’s also one of the best that I’ve used to date.

Mixing real life photos (called scapes) and in game car models, it really shows off how close we are getting to realism in gaming.

Scapes isn’t the only place to take pictures either. During the games stunning replays, you have the option to set up and capture that perfect shot.

Polyphony Digital have done an incredible job with Gran Turismo Sport and I have been hooked since its release.

Here are a few of the pictures I have taken this week…

Thanks to 83_digital for sharing this with us. For more from him head hereGran Turismo Sport is out now on PlayStation 4.