Our overall verdict "High Five"

Everyone loves a good quiz game show don’t they? It takes a really special quiz show host to keep us engaged and excited — they’ve got to be charismatic and knowledgeable. Well That Trivia Game has their leading showman alright. Happy Dance Games have really nailed this guy’s character and produced the most annoyingly true to life host imaginable. An excruciating painful voice and ridiculous cringe worthy comments flow with ease from this blabbermouth throughout. He’s awful to look at also – damn, Happy Dance Games even got that right too.

that triv

Set in a TV studio with a live audience, this really is a no frills quiz show. The poor presentation makes you pinch youself as a reminder that you’re actually playing this on PS4, but thankfully the likeable dimwit of a show master visually saves your day. The game show consists of over a thousand questions in a wide range of categories where you can show off your general knowledge skills. The questions are never too easy or stupidly hard either, it’s a well balanced set of head scratches. The different categories on offer do cater for different people’s strengths and will really show up your weaknesses when played with friends.

that triv 1

Customising the game lets you put your name and the choice of which ridiculous character and outfit to wear. These range from Brodus Clay/Sweet T lookalikes to Popeye’s wife Olive Oyl – you get the picture. The only other dilemma is choosing your buzzer sound, then it’s straight into round one.

that triv 3


The way to go with That Trivia Game is to play with friends. Different topics and a thousand questions make for a fun little quiz game. Rounds are short and varied, even waging points on correct answers mixes up the game play. You need to forget thinking this is a current gen game, it just happens to be released on PlayStation 4. It’s a quiz show that replicates all of your worst TV quiz shows. Under its cheap looking skin lies a decent set of questions, and really, isn’t that what its all about? And besides, you may even learn something today.

Lizard rating: 5.5/10







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