PlayStation Blog reports:

Developed by the Tekken Team at Bandai Namco Entertainment in Japan, the game is developed under the supervision of Katsuhiro Harada, the very same person who has been working on the series for 20 years!

Tekken 7 makes use of the acclaimed Unreal Engine 4 engine for the first time in the series, offering a true new-gen experience. We literally drooled over the Arcade version, and now it’s coming to your home!

In addition to the great graphics, as demonstrated in this awesome announcement trailer, many new characters will join the fight.

One specific new challenger will join the character roster in the form of Kazumi Mishima. The supposedly killed wife of the main protagonist of the series, Heihachi Mishima, is also the mother of Kazuya Mishima. Her powers will be key to understand the feud between Heihachi Mishima, his son Kazuya Mishima and his grandson Jin Kazama. The conclusion of the Mishima clan saga is sure to be dark, but also sweet for early PlayStation fans as the origins of the Devil Gene, among other Tekken mysteries, will finally be unveiled.

Feast your eyes on this.