TauCeti Unknown Origin is a new co-op sci-fi FPS currently in development for PS4. Set in an exciting and exotic space world, TauCeti Unknown Origin features a protagonist hero (you) living your worst nightmare. Your space ship, the famed ESS Meridian (known from Dead effect 2) has gone haywire and crashed; luckily you managed to use the only working escape pod, which has sent you straight to TauCeti f, a strange and unknown land ready to be explored.

The teaser below does not represent the final look of the game, but it’s definitely worth checking out.

Features include, co-operative game for up to 8 players, solo, group and raid content and an open world with opportunities to explore, harvest, craft, and upgrade. TauCeti Unknown Origin also comes to Xbox One and PC too.

We think it’s looking pretty lush! We’ll bring you more news as we get it.