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9 Score

Flipping Death – Review (Nintendo Switch)

A few years back, we played a brilliant game called Stick It To The Man. It was brilliant, bizarre and bonkers and if I could demand a sequel for...
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Fe from Zoink Games coming to PS4 on February 16th

Those magicians over at Zoink Games are back! Being huge fans of Stick It To The Man and Zombie Vikings, we're getting pumped for their next ...
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Zombie Vikings, the side scrolling stab-you-in-the-gut-athon brawler gets a major update

Those amazing guys over at Zoink have revamped the awesome Zombie Vikings. "We've listened to feedback from our community, and have used t...
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8 Score

Zombie Vikings – Review (PS4)

Stick it to the Zombie! Loki is a practical joker. No, not Loki from the Marvel Universe, the other one. That's right, the one from Norse ...
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Zombie Vikings from Zoink Games is out now

From the creators of last years’ indie hit Stick It to The Man! comes Zombie Vikings, a four-player co-op stab-you-in-the-gut-a-thon laced with a...
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PlayStation Plus: Stick it to the Man

Swedish creative geniuses Zoink Games and UK indie publisher Ripstone have read the minds of the fans and found out you wanted a next-gen version...
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