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Baja: Edge of Control brings more off-road madness to PS4 in September

THQ Nordic has announced the release of another updated 2008 classic, Baja: Edge of Control HD which is coming to digital and retail in September...
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THQ Nordic announces Black Mirror coming this November

THQ Nordic has just revealed its new project: Black Mirror, a gothic horror adventure that's due for release in November. The game will be develo...
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Sine Mora EX – Review (PS4)

Sine Mora EX isn’t your typical side-scrolling shooter. It's not about having lives or a health bar to worry about. It's about time. Each individ...
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Fast fingers at the ready! Sine Mora EX drops today

Prepare for bullet-hell! Sine Mora EX, the extended version of the critically acclaimed original Sine Mora, will be out today. Sine Mora E...
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First-person psychological adventure The Town of Light is out now

We've had our fair share of scares on PS4, but here's a more disturbing type of horror experience that's coming soon. 12 March 1938. Renée...
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MX vs. ATV 2017 Official Track Edition out now

While there are racing games out there that have replica tracks and seasons, this will be the first time in video game racing history (at least t...
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