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The Surge

The Art of The Surge

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or have been on an isolated Buddhist retreat in the Himalayas, you will have heard of The Surge. This Soul...
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PlayStation highlights for this week

It's looking like a busy week ahead for us gamers. Below are some of the highlights coming our way, and what better way to kick things off than l...
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9 Score

The Surge – Review (PS4)

Dark Souls gameplay with a sci-fi setting – that’s the general gist of The Surge. For some of you, that’s enough for a day one purchase, but if l...
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The Surge heading to PS4

Set on a dystopian Earth nearing the end of its life, The Surge offers a grim vision of our future. Accelerating advancements in technology a...
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The Surge celebrates release next week with action-packed Launch Trailer

There’s just one weekend left before the hardcore action-RPG releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on May 16! Here's the latest trailer, ...
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The Surge battles stronger, faster, tougher in new trailer

Deck13's upcoming hardcore Action-RPG The Surge today unveils a new trailer, showcasing intense, visceral combat between man and machine. After e...
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The Surge – E3 Trailer

The Surge is the newest sci-fi Action RPG set in the near-future from developer Deck13. Slice and dismember your way deeper and deeper into CREO,...
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