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Arc System Works’ KILL la KILL – IF coming to Europe with PQube July 26th

PQube announce that Arc System Works and Studio TRIGGER’s KILL la KILL – IF will be releasing July 26th in Europe on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Swit...
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OMG Zombies! to invade Nintendo Switch on March 26

Ghostlight’s dark rituals and strange experiments have proved successful and OMG Zombies! will be coming to Nintendo Switch on Tuesday 26th March...
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My Time at Portia gets a console release date

Team17 and China based independent developer Pathea Games today revealed the console release date for their charming sandbox simulation RPG, My T...
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Digerati bring Monster Slayers to Nintendo Switch on April 5th

Indie publisher Digerati announce that its popular deck-building battler Monster Slayers is coming soon to Nintendo Switch – the card-based rogue...
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Snooker 19 launches this Spring on PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch

Ripstone Games, in collaboration with Lab42 and World Snooker release Snooker 19 this Spring. The announcement has been accompanied by the first ...
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StarDrone drops onto Nintendo Switch this week

StarDrone is a high-speed action puzzle with a mix of arcade action, pinball, breakout, and collect-the-objects, and it launches on March 21 on N...
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The beautiful world of Valley is out now on Switch

Independent developer Blue Isle Studios, the team behind Slender: The Arrival and Citadel: Forged With Fire, bring first-person adventure game Va...
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12 Is Better Than 6 – Review (Nintendo Switch)

Some games I'm just not that good at. It tends to be games like brutally hard shooters like Hotline Miami, LA Cops and the recently released The ...
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First-person buddy cop shooter RICO to crack down on crime next week on PS4 & Nintendo Switch

Publisher Rising Star Games and developer Ground Shatter announce that RICO, the buddy cop shooter inspired by modern action cinema, is set to re...
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7.5 Score

BlazeRush – Review (Nintendo Switch)

If you delve into the Nintendo Switch eShop you'll certainly find a shed load of racing games. Everybody has their favoured top-down racer. Wheth...
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