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Serial Cleaner

7.5 Score

Serial Cleaner – Review PS4

Ever wanted to be a professional cleaner? I'm not talking about mincing around with a dust pan and brush with a set of Marigolds on. Or pirouetti...
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Serial Cleaner set to clean up PS4 this week

Serial Cleaner from Curve Digital and iFun4all will be coming to PS4 July 11th. Serial Cleaner has you explore, experiment and make swift decisio...
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Serial Cleaner reveals bonus movie-inspired levels

Just in time for launch next week, iFun4all and Curve Digital have revealed stealth action game Serial Cleaner's bonus movie-inspired levels that...
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Pre-order the stealth action game Serial Cleaner this week

Later this week PlayStation Plus subscribers can pre-order Serial Cleaner in Europe to receive a 20 per cent discount and the game’s soundtrack, ...
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