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Platinum Achievements Podcast with Roughdawg4

Here's The Platinum Achievement Podcast featuring the U.S No.1 trophy hunter Roughdawg4. It's a real interesting interview and worth checking out...
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Platinums, Grinding & Glitches: The World’s Top Trophy Hunters

While some gamers are happy reaching a story’s end, reaching the chequered flag first or becoming the Last Guardian, there are other gamers that ...
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Roughdawg4’s Bitter Smile Trophy Guide on PS Vita

Want to brush up on your Japanese and complete a super easy PS Vita game at the same time? Then here is the Bitter Smile trophy guide kindly give...
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Rainbow Moon – Review (PS Vita)

Roughdawg4 takes a look at Rainbow Moon. Rainbow Moon was a PSN Exclusive Strategy RPG that was originally released mid-2012. After a successf...
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Roughdawg4 on hiding trophies

A few months ago, we received one of the most interesting updates yet. Sony has now given you the option to hide all or certain games from people...
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Eh? What the hell were they thinking?!

I am sure you have played games, up to this point, and wondered: "why is this trophy even in the game?" Sometimes you feel the publisher put this...
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The Vita’s easiest and hardest platinums

Here we take a look at the hardest and easiest PS Vita platinums out there.  We have honed it down to just a handful of games. So if you are new ...
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Roughdawg4 looks at the world of RPG games

Have you ever wanted to submerge yourself into a game where 800 hours plus gaming is never enough? Where game saves are a rare occurrence but the...
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Roughdawg4 blows the lid off the world’s top secret trophy hunting website

Since the start of setting up Punk and Lizard we were really buzzed up knowing that we had Roughdawg4 with us. Being the worlds number 1 gamer, w...
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