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8 Score

Far From Noise – Review (PS4)

Far From Noise has perhaps one of the most intriguing premises of the year. You're in a beat up car, balancing on the edge of a cliff. The car is...
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9 Score

Renegade – Review (PS4)

Arcade Memories Ah, those glory days of spending the bus fare my mam had given me for the trip home from high school in our local arcade. ...
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7 Score

Magicka 2 – Review (PS4)

I never played the first Magicka game, largely due to the fact that it was exclusive to PC and never saw a release on a PlayStation console, ...
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10 Score

Steins; Gate – Review (PS Vita)

Change the Future, Change the Past. Find Steins Gate and Change the World Every so often a game comes along and I lose my tiny little mind...
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