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The Tomorrow Children

When an ambitious experiment designed to unite the minds of all humanity goes horribly wrong, almost all life on Earth disappears instantly, melt...
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The next PixelJunk game is out now

The next PixelJunk is about to hit! It has been a while since Double Eleven have had something to offer us gamers on PlayStation 4, but fe...
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The Tomorrow Children a PS4 Exclusive

PS4 Exclusive, The Tomorrow Children, is the story of a future re-imagined from the after-effects of an experiment in 1960s Russia that attempted...
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PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate – PS4 version has undergone a complete visual overhaul

PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate will launch as part of June’s Instant Game Collection, making it free for PlayStationPlus subscribers on PS4 and PS Vi...
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Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD – Review (PS Vita)

After its highly praised stay on PS3 and PSP back in 2008/2009, Pixeljunk Monsters now arrives in glorious high definition on Playstation Vita. W...
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