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Obduction – A new sci-fi adventure is about to start on PS4 & PS VR

Cyan, the legendary indie studio that created best-selling games, Myst and Riven, today announced that their sci-fi adventure puzzler, Obduction,...
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Cavernous Wastes coming tomorrow to PS4 & PS VR

PouncingKitten Games release their exploration title Cavernous Wastes exclusively on PS4 & PSVR. With no memory of where you are and no id...
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Take on the Grim Reaper in Chess Ultra, out this week for PS4 and PS VR

When Punk began to recite the rules of Draughts to me upon hearing the news of Chess Ultra, I took it upon myself to handle the news about th...
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DOOM VFR trailer

Available for PlayStation VR and VIVE platforms, this DOOM adventure will bathe you in virtual carnage. Developed by id Software, the studio that...
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FuturLab’s first 3D game Tiny Trax set to launch on PSVR

PlayStation Blog released the news that Velocity 2X’s creator returns with PS VR slot-car racer Tiny Trax. Check out the full story HERE.
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VR Karts comes careering onto PS VR

The chequered flag has dropped as VR Karts has been released on PS VR. With kart racing being a hugely popular genre, this new VR experience coul...
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Symphony of the Machine – Review (PSVR)

Blame it on the weather, man. Symphony of the Machine is a narrative-free, meditative, weather-bending, spatial puzzle game from Stirfire Stud...
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Symphony of the Machine is out today

Symphony of the Machine is a VR puzzle game where players manipulate a mysterious tower to control the weather and restore life to a post-apocaly...
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Leave The Nest – Review (PSVR)

Flappy Bird has a lot to answer for! A few years ago Dong Nguyens’ devilishly addictive mobile app had millions of people around the world hooked...
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DYING: Reborn VR – Review (PSVR)

Oasis Games are back on the PlayStation scene with yet another title. This time round they are hooking up with Nekrom to bring gamers a horror th...
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