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Puddle – Review (PS4)

Puddle oozes out its intricate and delicate physic based puzzling dilemmas onto PlayStation 4, but do we have a murky splodge of dark mass or a f...
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Destiny looks an incredible looking sci-fi shooter – E3 trailer

Destiny is an incredible looking sci-fi shooter from Bungie, here is the new E3 trailer. Enjoy! Destiny will be released worldwide on Sept...
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New gameplay trailer for PS4 Exclusive ‘Deep Down’ released

Capcom release a new trailer for their free-to-play dungeon crawler Deep Down.
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9 Score

Transistor – Review (PS4)

The creators of Bastion return and boy oh boy, Transistor is a funny one to explain. In layman's terms, it's a Sci-Fi action RPG based in a beaut...
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....Driven once more to the brink of turmoil, the realm seeks brave souls who would stand fast against the evils that threaten to pervade it....
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Tom Clancy’s The Division (PS4)

Tragedy has come to New York City. It's hard to see something you love destroy itself and fall apart. But someone needs to be there to pick i...
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The Talos Principle – A philosophical first-person puzzle game for PS4

The Talos Principle is a philosophical first-person puzzle game from Croteam, the creators of the Serious Sam series, and written by Tom Jube...
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Official Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile Battle Mode Gameplay revealed!

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment have just released the first Battle Mode gameplay footage for the upcoming Batman...
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EarthNight is coming to PS4 and PS Vita

EarthNight will launch first on PS4, and shortly after on PS Vita in 2015. PlayStation report: EarthNight is a hand painted roguelike r...
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Loadout – The PS4 free-to-play shooter

Loadout is a new “Free-2-Play” take on fast-paced, multiplayer shooters. Players invent and customize their own outrageous weapons to carry i...
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