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Fast Striker – Review (PS4/PS Vita)

Since the PS Vita's demise there's really only Ratalaika Games and eastaisasoft giving constant support to the handheld. Damn, if it wasn't for t...
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Halloween Forever hits PS4 and Vita October 19th

Something mysterious is happening in the pumpkin patch this Halloween! You control Pumpkin Man, a humanoid pumpkin thing animated by occult force...
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Retina-scorching 2D shoot ’em up Fast Striker blasts onto PS4 and PS Vita October 16th

Today eastasiasoft announce that they have partnered with NGDEV to bring the vertical scrolling shoot 'em up Fast Striker to PS4 and PS Vita....
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Survival horror adventure game Death Mark coming this Halloween to PS4, PS Vita & Switch

Aksys Games opened the creaky old door of their rundown mansion to reveal what evils await in the Limited Edition package of the highly antic...
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Fullblast ready for take off

Here's the low down... FullBlast is a retro style vertical Shoot ‘em up that will delight nostalgic players who have grown up playing SHMU...
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Ice Cream Surfer makes a splash onto PS4 & PS Vita

Dolores Entertainment brings news that Ice Cream Surfer is ready to be unleashed onto PS4 and PS Vita today. The evil Broccoli, irritated by t...
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Super Skull Smash GO! 2 Turbo launches July 17th on PS4 & PS Vita

The Evil King is back in this exciting sequel, and he's causing Trouble again in the Kingdom of Bones! He's concocted a new spell that will unlea...
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Roundabout is out now on PS Vita in North America

Remember Roundabout, the FMV spinning limousine game? Surprise! Roundabout for PS Vita is now available in North America. It's cross-buy with the...
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8 Score

Rainbow Skies – Review

After slaughtering your way through God of War with its sombre storytelling, and killing innocent old ladies and sucking their blood dry in the d...
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7 Score

Sir Eatsalot – Review (PS Vita)

When I heard there was a game called Sir Eatsalot, I thought that someone had finally made a game about me. Instead, it's about the aforementione...
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