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Vostok Inc – Review (Switch)

Vostok Inc is the world's first twin stick action arcade clicker game. It comes from UK indie based studio Nosebleed Interactive. You may well re...
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Tongue-in-cheek sci-fi shooter Vostok Inc heading to PS4 today

Nosebleed Interactive’s tongue-in-cheek sci-fi shooter Vostok Inc. is heading to PlayStation 4 today, as a digital and physical release. Publi...
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The Hungry Horde

Nosebleed Interactive is an independent game developer based in Newcastle upon Tyne; the heart of the North East of England. Today they tell Play...
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Platinum trophy fun with The Hungry Horde

Nosebleed Interactive, an independent game developer based in Newcastle (UK) bring  The Hungry Horde to PS Vita. PlayStation Blog: The core pr...
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