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Bloo Kid 2 announced for Nintendo Switch

Some games make for a perfect fit with the Nintendo Switch, games that progress immediately, create positive feelings very quickly and can be pla...
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8.5 Score

Trüberbrook – Review (PS4)

Hurray and celebration, the PS4 now has another point and click gem to add to its bulging bag of brilliant indie goodness. Set in a sleepy and is...
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Slime-san: Superslime Edition out on PS4

Headup Games and Fabraz announce that the super-slimy Superslime Edition of the critically-acclaimed platformer Slime-san is making its way to Pl...
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Explore a post-apocalyptic underwater world in Earth Atlantis this June on PS4

The release date of Earth Atlantis is set for PS4. Headup Games and Pixel Perfex announced their action-filled shooter will release on 1st of Jun...
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Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap gets physical on PS4

Headup Games is to further expand its partnership with Nicalis, Inc. by announcing the upcoming physical release of Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap...
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Slime-tastic! Slime-san heading to PS4 later this year

Are you ready for a gooey adventure?! Headup Games and Fabraz are oozing with pride because Slime-san looks set for a PS4 release later this year...
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Toby: The Secret Mine launching July 6

Headup Games announced that Toby: The Secret Mine is going to launch on PlayStation 4 on July the 6th. Regional prices will be $14.99 / €14.99 / ...
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Toby: The Secret Mine – Review (PS4)

Inspired by the mighty Limbo, Toby: The Secret Mine is a puzzle platformer with oodles of charm and eerie style. Toby is a young shadow creature ...
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Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic coming June 15th

Get ready for a pixelated nostalgic adventure and prepare yourself for a thrilling RPG/Roguelike experience like you have never seen before becau...
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The Inner World – Review PS4

The Inner World is a classic point and click set in the hand-drawn, 2D world of Asposia; a mysterious land ruled by the Wind Gods which supply … ...
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