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Fancy a flirt? Super Seducer the first FMV seduction sim coming to PS4

The world’s first live-action dating sim Super Seducer, a full-motion-video game where you learn the artistry of sexual attraction, will release ...
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Color Guardians gets a huge update

The side-scrolling action game Color Guardians today gets a massive update. It includes a new game mode option and tweaked features to assure a b...
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Color Guardians – Review (PS4)

Living colour Krogma is an evil thief who has stolen all the colour from the world of Terra Color and left it as dark and dismal as a wet ...
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Color Guardians coming to PS4 and Vita this week

Color Guardians is a side-scrolling action game where players need to handle multiple challenges at the same time, jumping and dodging, switching...
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Action 2D beat’em up Boss comes to Vita

Create and evolve the meanest (or funniest or coolest) princess-eating monster in this humorous frantic-action game and show it to the world! ...
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