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Circuit Breakers, the fast-paced multi-player top down shoot ’em up hits PS4

Having released to critical and community acclaim on PC, the hectic twin-stick shooter Circuit Breakers is now out on PS4. The top down shooter c...
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6 Score

Space Overlords – Review (PS4)

Imagine being an all-powerful Overlord, a creator and destroyer of entire worlds. Now picture being castrated (metaphorically) and locked away fo...
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8.5 Score

Laser Disco Defenders – Review (PS Vita)

Ah, ah, ah, ah, try stayin alive, stayin alive Fancy playing a tough as nails procedurally generated, disco infused, bullet hellish, laser dod...
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Laser Disco Defenders struts its stuff on PS Vita today

Twin-stick shooter Laser Disco Defenders is inspired by the science fiction and music of the late ’70s and is set to land on the Vita in July. Th...
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PS4 mini collection Perfect Universe out today

Perfect Universe is a collection of mini-games that span a range of genres including platforming, racing, volleyball and football set in a monoch...
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