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Rainbow Skies – Review

After slaughtering your way through God of War with its sombre storytelling, and killing innocent old ladies and sucking their blood dry in the d...
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Iro Hero – Review (Nintendo Switch)

Iro Hero is a new shoot' em up care of devs Artax Games and Eastasiasoft. The year is 2306. You play as Iro who pilots a tiny ship throughout a v...
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Retro shmup Iro Hero coming to Nintendo Switch June 7th

Eastasiasoft announce that they are launching the retro-inspired vertical-scrolling shmup Iro Hero from Artax Games worldwide June 7th on Nin...
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PS4 Limited Edition of EXOR Studios’ tower defense shooter coming in Q2

EXOR Studios are set to release a worldwide exclusive PS4 Limited Edition of their shoot'em up / tower defense cross-over X-Morph: Defense in Q2....
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Vesta – Review (PS4)

Vesta is new puzzle action game from Finalboss Games about a little girl called Vesta and her robot. Little Vesta wakes to find herself trapped i...
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Cursed Castilla coming to PS Vita this week

Eastasiasoft are bringing 2D arcade action platformer Cursed Castilla to PS Vita on November 9th. They have also announced that they will pub...
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Jump back in time & free your inner caveman: Caveman Warriors launches this November in Asia

Eastasiasoft will launch the 4-player co-op platformer Caveman Warriors in Asia this November, and will be out digitally and as a Limited Edition...
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Semispheres launches today on PS Vita

Semispheres is a meditative parallel puzzle game that places dual realities at the heart of its challenge. Its unique single-player split-screen ...
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Blue Rider digital & physical editions launching in Asia this Spring

Eastasiasoft have announced that Blue Rider from developer Ravegan S.A., will launch on PS4 on the PlayStation Store in Asia and Japan on March 1...
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Soldner-X 2 PS Vita physical Asia version announced

Due to popular demand, eastasiasoft are self-publishing an Asia physical version of Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype for PS Vita. This release includ...
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